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Get Cashback on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world based in China. AliExpress offers products from small and medium businesses in China. Thus, the main features of the platform are low prices and an opportunity to buy wholesale. Launched in 2010, AliExpress has truly become an online retail giant that has already gained number one place in Russia. The online retail platform operates worldwide, therefore, its website is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Russian and other languages.

AliExpress is owned by Alibaba Group - an international conglomerate uniting various technology, e-commerce and other online platforms. The main difference between AliExpress and other online stores is the fact that it works as an e- commerce platform only, which means that it provides a connection between businesses and buyers from all over the world. For this very reason businesses effectuate delivery and communication with customers on their own.

AliExpress Cashback rates:

Travel and Coupon Services 0%
Special Category 0%
Mobile Phones 1.5%
Computer peripherals 1.5%
Tablets 1.5%
Desktop 1.5%
Laptop notebooks 1.5%
Home audio 1.5%
External Storage 1.5%
Internal Storage 1.5%
Mobile Phone Accessories 4.5%
Interior Accessories 4.5%
Garden supplies 4.5%
Women's clothing 4.5%
Men's clothing 4.5%
Children clothing 4.5%
Other Categories 3.5%

Terms & Conditions of AliExpress Cashback:

  • Purchases made on the AliExpress App do not qualify for cashback.
  • Gift card purchases do not qualify for cashback.
  • Returns, exchanges and cancellations will not be awarded with cashback.
  • The use of any discount/promo/voucher codes other than those published on 3Lyon Prestige may result in your cashback being voided.
  • Cashback is calculated excluding all taxes, shipping charges, discounts, promo code applied, credits utilised, service charges, points redemption etc.
  • If your payment fails at the merchant page, you must restart the process again to ensure proper tracking i.e. go through 3Lyon Prestige, click Shop Now, etc.
  • For multiple checkouts, please click Shop Now on 3Lyon Prestige for each checkout i.e. restart the process each time.
  • Before completing your purchase, opening/browsing other websites after clicking Shop Now will disrupt the cashback tracking system and will result in your cashback not getting tracked or being voided.
  • Purchases made using Internet Networks with firewalls or in a Public WiFi environment (e.g. Starbucks) may result in your cashback not getting tracked.
  • Confirmed within days shown is a guide and may be subjected to delays if there are delays in reporting by the merchant.
  • As we receive reports in foreign currency, there may be a slight discrepancy in your purchase total due to currency exchange.

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